Welcome to the 21 Day Meditation Challenge.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guided Meditation for Day 3 of the Challenge

Hello Everyone,
I am launching the third meditation a little early. After much effort, I am able to upload guided meditations specifically for you. I am basing each guided meditation on your comments and questions from phone conversations, Facebook comments and comments from this official site page.
If you are benefiting from this service, I encourage you to consider donating to cover the expenses of running such a comprehensive site. I thank you for your generosity.
Have a beautiful meditation.
The Meditating Yogini


  1. I appreciate the reminders to get back to solely concentrating on my breath. My mind was wandering about what had to get done today.

    Is it ok to lay on the floor? I cannot seem to get comfortable when I sit.

  2. I struggled today. When I got up this morning, I only made it about halfway through the video. I was very ill today, and had to get back in bed.

    But, I promised myself that I would meditate tonight before bed.
    The Universe was good to me today...I received a lot of help from many friends...almost as if it was a "reward" for following through with the meditation today.

    I still struggled tonight...my mind has been very restless, but...I'm hoping that now that I feel a bit more at ease, that maybe I can sleep well tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow morning. :)