Welcome to the 21 Day Meditation Challenge.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guided Meditation for Day 1 of the Challenge (Reloaded)

Hello Fellow Practitioners. Today begins our first official day of the challenge. I will be uploading guided meditations to help support your practice. Please use the comment section to post insights, challenges and reflections. Continue to check-in with the blog to see what others in the community have posted.
Today's video is about 15 minutes in length. Unhook the phone, set aside the day so that you can be in full relationship with your breath. Be sure to sit in a relaxed, open and comfortable position. Once the guided meditation is complete, spend another five minutes (or more) to complete today's practice. Good luck!


  1. Thank you for this helpful video. This was my first time meditating and I loved it. The video helped me stay focused.


  2. I tried a guided meditation (so hum) and not only found I was able to focus (!!) but also that after about 15 minutes, my hips stopped hurting (has never happened). I decided to follow it with savasana as a positive reinforcement for meditating, and it was lovely. Thanks so much for the nudge.

  3. Day 1: Kind of difficult for me. My mind kept wandering all over the place: song lyrics, what I was going to post after my meditation time, and then I started to have a little bit of pain in my kidney.
    But I kept breathing. I was gentle with myself, and redirected my mind back to my breathing, and I did it.
    It didn't feel like it was 20 minutes. I set an alarm on my phone, but had the ringer silenced. I made it 22 minutes. (I gave myself a couple extra minutes on the alarm to make sure I had time.)

    I am looking forward to doing this again tomorrow!

    Any tips on how to not become light headed from the breathing? I tried not to change my breathing, to just focus on it, and for some reason became pretty light headed towards the end...I probably did change it, but...

  4. i typically don't do guided meditations (though i do like them), but this morning i chose to do one because my partner likes them and was also interested in the challenge. it went splendidly :-) my favorite image was one of thinking of your thoughts as clouds... they have no real substance... and in this way, they can come and then fade away easily. aaah. namaste

  5. Hi Yasminadlv,
    I just want to congratulate for completing the first day of the challenge, and hanging with the distractions. I wonder if slowing your breath down would help with the light-headedness. I will be posting another video for breath meditation, and I will talk about effective breathing techniques. Thank you for sharing your experience, as your questions and comments benefit everyone.

  6. Day 1: thank you for sharing space today.

  7. 10 mins into zazen meditation my left foot fell asleep. i focused too much on curling my tongue onto the roof of my mouth so i could connect my chi, but not enough focus on my breathing. tomorrow i will breathe more. thank you for starting this 21 day practice!

  8. Thank you so much for the tip! I'm liking the guided meditation. I know that this is going to change my life, because after meditating today, i had the WORST day...and these little thoughts kept creeping in saying "see...its not going to work." Those thoughts make me all the more determined to meditate each day. :)

    Looking forward to tomorrow!