Welcome to the 21 Day Meditation Challenge.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Welcome Re-post

This blog has been created to support those of you who have agreed to take the  21-day meditation challenge. The challenge officially begins February 1st, 2011. By participating in the challenge, you have agreed to meditate 20 min. daily for 21 days.  As we practice together, I invite each of you to share your knowledge, insights and experiences with others in our community. 
Your first assignment? Please introduce yourself by inserting a comment below. 

I welcome you and look forward to supporting you and your practice,


  1. Avantika,

    I'm in! What a wonderful invitation you are offering. Namaste ~Kate from Dover.

  2. Thanks Kate. I look forward to hearing more about your practice!

  3. I'm in...a Meredith NH resident currently snow-birding in Florida. The 21-day meditation challenge will be coincedent with a 21-day yoga challenge at hothouseyogaob.com

    Susie Leiper

  4. Julie from Boston, count me in.
    So nice to find such a community.